Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Working Girl Tip 1

I began my first "real world" job in June of 2014! Lets all give a round of applause for AmberandLace finally becoming a grown-up. I thought it might be fun to start off 2015 with a new series called "Working Girl Tips." This series will provide little blurbs that may or may not contain helpful tips on maintaing sanity in the Workforce Arena. It is really Dog-Eat-Dog out there, so us working girls needs to stick together.

Tip 1 directly focuses on your resume! BUT first, please do not forget that it is important to keep your resume to a one page maximum! You must be able to sell what you have to offer to a future employer in one page as the people hiring you typically are limited on time and move at a quick pace. Now on to the good stuff, it is so important that we update our resumes on a regular basis as you never know what life has in store for you. At my new job I have been blessed with the opportunity to constantly learn new skills that are very valuable to my tool box. These are all assets that I should find a creative way to add to my resume. The biggest part of this tip is to be on the look out for these little golden nuggets that will make you shine!

Stay tuned for more "Working Girl Tips" to come in the future!

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