Thursday, January 29, 2015

Current Reads - Finishing up January

Hello Lovelies!

I love to read anytime of the year, but I thoroughly enjoy reading when it is cold outside. I honestly can say there is not much that I love more than snuggling deep into bed with a good read. Lets dive into what has been occupying my mind this past week!


I have recently had a slight obsession with visiting the library. I mean, why not pick up a free book on your way home from work? I had put my name down on the wait list for some popular reads and FINALLY they became available. This past week I have been absolutely consumed with "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed. If you have not read this book, I suggest that you walk, no, make that RUN to your nearest bookstore, library, or e-Reader. This book has fascinated me in so many ways. I cannot wait to finish the book so I can actually watch the preview for the movie. I have a guilty obsession with books that become movies, so hellooooo, of course this book is a must for me. 

If you have not heard about "Wild" yet, please allow me to introduce you to what may become your next favorite read. This book involves a woman who has some unfortunate events happen in her life, and they kind of destroy her. She decides to embark on a life changing journey that involves hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, aka "PCT." I will not give away any more details, but I really do not think you will be disappointed!


Oh, another guilty obsession of mine! I could read blogs all day long! I love reading other peoples' writing and thoughts. This past week I have read more blogs than normal, thus spurring my reunion with my own blog. (Welcome back, BTW!) I will always and forever enjoy a good blog brought to me by either my nice, warm computer screen or my best friend, otherwise known as my cell phone.

Motivational Instagrams//

With the New Year comes New Year Resolutions! I am guilty of jumping on the "Lose Weight" bandwagon this year. College was not friendly to my body and I gained some weight that I cannot wait to sweat off! I find myself constantly browsing through popular "fitspo" accounts that can be easily found through Instagram. I love that the Instagram community can be so motivating when it comes to getting my butt off the couch. It is encouraging to look at these real-life people who have busy lives but still find the time to work out and eat healthier. If they can do it, then so can I, right? Well, that is what I tell myself as I push through what seem like impossible workouts or as I turn down the delicious bag of chips my boyfriend enjoys eating. Instagram users who blast their healthy choices/lifestyle on social media might be worth checking out if you feel you are in a rut.

News Sources//

I think it is super important to stay up to date on current events. The world may pass you right by if you are not aware of what is happening in the world. I try to read all types of sources in order to form an opinion of an issue on my own. Each source always has some "spin" on an issue, so reading multiple sources may help you to make a more informed opinion on your own. 

I think it is time to sign off for the night because I do love a good library book, but the downfall is the race against the clock/return date. This girl does not deal well with late fees! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Working Girl Tip 1

I began my first "real world" job in June of 2014! Lets all give a round of applause for AmberandLace finally becoming a grown-up. I thought it might be fun to start off 2015 with a new series called "Working Girl Tips." This series will provide little blurbs that may or may not contain helpful tips on maintaing sanity in the Workforce Arena. It is really Dog-Eat-Dog out there, so us working girls needs to stick together.

Tip 1 directly focuses on your resume! BUT first, please do not forget that it is important to keep your resume to a one page maximum! You must be able to sell what you have to offer to a future employer in one page as the people hiring you typically are limited on time and move at a quick pace. Now on to the good stuff, it is so important that we update our resumes on a regular basis as you never know what life has in store for you. At my new job I have been blessed with the opportunity to constantly learn new skills that are very valuable to my tool box. These are all assets that I should find a creative way to add to my resume. The biggest part of this tip is to be on the look out for these little golden nuggets that will make you shine!

Stay tuned for more "Working Girl Tips" to come in the future!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Banana Mango Tangerine Smoothie

Hello lovelies! It has been a good long while, but I have decided it is time for a blog post. Today's blog post is all about SMOOTHIES! I love love love smoothies to death. Also, they are fun to make because you can do so many different mixes.

For this smoothie I made for dinner this evening I added one whole banana, a handful of mango chunks, 1 tbsp of black chia seeds, and filled up the rest of the blender with vanilla almond milk. I have been feeling a tad bit under the weather, so last minute I decided to throw in a tiny tangerine to give me a vitamin C boost. Sorry it is not pictured, but you get the just of it ;)

To the left here I provided a pre-mixing picture. I first add in the chia seeds at the very bottom so that way they can get mixed easily throughout the entire smoothie. Then I put a handful of my frozen mango chunks in the cup. Next came the whole banana that I just broke up using my hands. I then peeled my tangerine and broke it apart so it would blend easier before throwing it in there. Last but not least, I added my almond milk and filled up to the top of the ingredients. My Hamilton Beach small personal blender makes this so easy to make! I bought this when I first moved to college and I love it because its simple and quick. It also does not take up much space which is a major plus when you share an apartment with a couple other people.

Ta-da! The final product is a pretty orange color and also very delicious! Please share any of your smoothie recipes/combinations in the comments section. I would love to try combinations that I have never thought of myself.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another chapter begins when one chapter ends

Wow, I feel like much apologies are needed here. I have been pretty much M.I.A for the past two months and there is no excuse for that. Well, I could make up plenty like for instance, I AM DROWNING this semester. Not really, but I am on the struggle bus and graduation is so near. I just cannot even believe that I made it through my Undergrad education and now I am here. I know this is not really a beauty post or anything that probably interests any of y'all, but I felt like this post is needed.

I have missed blogging oh so much! It just has been terribly hard to find the time to make posts and I lost motivation while getting back into the groove of school. Hopefully my spirits are back up and I feel more free to post. I just need more time and that is not something I can just create out of thin air. Now, I do know we all feel this way every once and awhile, so I commend you for being able to continue on with providing words of wisdom for all of us lovely bloggers!

This is a short post, but I just wanted to say that yes, I am still here and I will try to be more faithful to my dear ol' blog.

Until next time,

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mani Thursday

Here is my weekly manicure update! This week I went with a new color for me. I do not think that I have ever used a polish this shade before and I am loving it! It is a great winter color that isn't too dark but has just the right amount of lightness to it. We all know that I love Sally Hansen nail products, so of course that is who makes this gorgeous polish. I purchased this particular color almost a week ago at my local CVS. The application was really smooth but it did require two coats. I think this is because I didn't wait enough time to apply the second coat. This polish brand is really a great bang for your buck!

To apply the polish I began with my normal routine of applying a base coat. Like mentioned before, this just ensures that you start with a fresh nail surface and paint applies smoothly.

This shade of polish is called Plum's the Word (280). That is an adorable name! This color is a perfect spokesperson for plum! It is a nice purple brown color. So in love! I want to buy more polishes that are in this shade before the winter season is over.

What are your favorite winter polish colors? Have you tried any new shades recently?

Until next time!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FOTD: Casual Winter School Day

Now that school has started I decided to share how I do my makeup on days that I decide to actually wear it. I do not always wear makeup when I go to class, and it really just depends on what time I have class. Usually I get up and just throw my hair in a bun and go. I know what you're thinking, "What a lazy bum!" Hah! I cannot help it though, some days I just do not have time for life! No but really most people do not wear makeup to college classes, so that is why I keep it pretty simple.

As you can see in the picture of my make up I do not use too many products. I use the basics such as: eye shadow, lipstick, concealers, blush, foundation, mascara, and a bronzing powder. Most of these products are drug store brands. I do not prefer to use my higher end products when I am just going to class. It feels like a waste.

I pictured an in-car selfie, totes cute I know. For my hair I just blow dried it and usually when I do that my hair turns out to be pretty straight. I keep my outfits pretty casual. Here I am wearing a tank top, sweater, and leggings. That is my usual attire on school days because it is almost like going to class in your pajamas yet not really.

How do you do your makeup for school days? What are some of your favorite everyday makeup products?

Until next time!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello there final semester

Wow what a big day today was! It was a bittersweet day to be honest. I started my last semester as an undergrad seeing as I plan to graduate in May. School is so important to me and I am actually quite sad that it is almost over. I thought I would just share how I like to unwind after a long day of classes and work. The campus I attend school at is very large and requires a lot of walking which can be pretty tiring especially if you have to run from class to class. Currently I am anxiously awaiting crawling into my covers and drifting off to sleep.

One of my favorite things to do to unwind is pull out my agenda and see what is coming up. I am always over-prepared when it comes to school and looking at my agenda makes me feel at ease. Most people probably have started using their phones for this task, but there is something so comforting about having my agenda to hold in my hands. I am a pen addict and I have all sorts of pens. Colorful pens make this task even more enjoyable. I personally love Sharpie pens and the Paper Mate pens you see pictured above. The Pilot Easy Touch Fine point pens are my absolute favorite when it comes to note taking or assignments that I have to turn in for a grade.

Getting on my computer and blogging, looking around at other blogs, and getting on Pinterest really soothes my brain as well. It is always nice to write and just allow my mind to be free when blogging. Looking at other people's blogs helps because I love seeing what everyone has to say!

I usually like to drink tea while performing all of these activities. Tonight I chose the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea by Celestial. I am not sure how I honestly feel about this tea. I love the Celestial brand of teas, but this one in particular is not my favorite. That is okay though because it is still warm and comforting.

One final thing that really helps me unwind is my apartment. My apartment is so warm and inviting. My roommates and I have decorated it so nicely and it is very homey-feeling. I enjoy being home after a long day of running all over town trying to simply deal with life.

What do you do to unwind? What are your favorite relaxation tools? Let me know in the comments so maybe that way I can learn new ways to relax at home!

Until next time!