Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello there final semester

Wow what a big day today was! It was a bittersweet day to be honest. I started my last semester as an undergrad seeing as I plan to graduate in May. School is so important to me and I am actually quite sad that it is almost over. I thought I would just share how I like to unwind after a long day of classes and work. The campus I attend school at is very large and requires a lot of walking which can be pretty tiring especially if you have to run from class to class. Currently I am anxiously awaiting crawling into my covers and drifting off to sleep.

One of my favorite things to do to unwind is pull out my agenda and see what is coming up. I am always over-prepared when it comes to school and looking at my agenda makes me feel at ease. Most people probably have started using their phones for this task, but there is something so comforting about having my agenda to hold in my hands. I am a pen addict and I have all sorts of pens. Colorful pens make this task even more enjoyable. I personally love Sharpie pens and the Paper Mate pens you see pictured above. The Pilot Easy Touch Fine point pens are my absolute favorite when it comes to note taking or assignments that I have to turn in for a grade.

Getting on my computer and blogging, looking around at other blogs, and getting on Pinterest really soothes my brain as well. It is always nice to write and just allow my mind to be free when blogging. Looking at other people's blogs helps because I love seeing what everyone has to say!

I usually like to drink tea while performing all of these activities. Tonight I chose the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea by Celestial. I am not sure how I honestly feel about this tea. I love the Celestial brand of teas, but this one in particular is not my favorite. That is okay though because it is still warm and comforting.

One final thing that really helps me unwind is my apartment. My apartment is so warm and inviting. My roommates and I have decorated it so nicely and it is very homey-feeling. I enjoy being home after a long day of running all over town trying to simply deal with life.

What do you do to unwind? What are your favorite relaxation tools? Let me know in the comments so maybe that way I can learn new ways to relax at home!

Until next time!


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  2. I like to spend time with my girlfriend relaxing

    1. Well she likes spending time with you too ;)